The Marvin Gaye Songbook

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The Marvin Gaye Songbook


Get ready to be transported back to the legendary Motown era as Nate Simpson, the acclaimed UK West End Star and recording artist, takes the stage with his world-class band and singers in "The Songbook of Marvin Gaye Starring Nate Simpson" tour.

This mesmerizing production promises to ignite the spark and flare of the Motown era, delivering sensational singing, energetic costumes, and the greatest hits from the Grammy award-winning falsetto legend, Marvin Gaye, including "Let's Get It On" and "Sexual Healing," as well as iconic duets like "Ain't No Mountain High Enough."

Nate Simpson, who gained nationwide recognition through his appearances on the X Factor in 2016 and as a finalist on Eurovision You Decide in 2017, has established himself as an exquisite and class act. His debut single achieved national airplay, and he has graced high-profile stages and festivals both nationally and internationally, sharing line-ups with renowned artists such as Corrine Bailey Rae, Beverly Knight, Jamie Cullum, Jessie J, Jacob Collier, Boy George, and many more.

Renowned for his versatility, Nate has seamlessly transitioned into the shoes of iconic musicians in the world of theatre. Notably, he delighted audiences as Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder in the smash-hit West End musical "Motown," mesmerized as Simba in "The Lion King" in Paris, embodied the spirit of Bob Marley in "Get Up, Stand Up" the musical, and paid homage to Nat King Cole on the UK Crooners Tour. Nate's ability to channel the essence of these legendary performers has earned him critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase.

"The Songbook of Marvin Gaye Starring Nate Simpson" tour promises an immersive experience, plunging audiences into the magic and soul of the Motown era. With astonishing vocals, exhilarating performances, dazzling costumes, and a world-class ensemble, this production is destined to become a must-see event for both devoted fans of Marvin Gaye and music enthusiasts alike.



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